The most efficient method of protection from bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19)

Our treatment process
Before treatment begins, we visit your establishment and collect measurements of your space. Once we confirm the size of your facility, we will send a Spectrum-UVGI technician to perform the disinfection. Our UVGI machines are then turned on to treat the designated area (time varies based on sq ft). The disinfected environment is immediately available after treatment; typically 10 min. Note, surfaces in your facility should be wiped down before our technician arrives to perform the treatment.

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The only Disinfection On-Demand service to keep your business open

Because we aren't able to predict if and when someone sick may enter your environment, we created the only disinfection on-demand service. When you alert us of your immediate need, we’ll deploy a team within hours to sterilize your space and get you up and running with minimal disruption to your business.

Preventing the Spread

How long does the treatment take and how soon can I re-enter the room afterwards?

The treatment time varies based on the size of the space but typically for facilities under 5,000 square feet the treatment will last one hour or less in length. The instant the UV-C light emitter is turned off you are able to re-enter the space.

Why Spectrum-UVGI?

We’re experts in providing efficient disinfection services using UVGI treatments. We also spend the time to understand the nuances of your business operations, to help keep people safe and to help reduce the impact of any future pandemics.

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UV-C Robots in a Hotel Setting

Spectrum UVGI provides
an additional level of comfort
to guests knowing their rooms
are properly disinfected

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Regulations & US Law for UV-C Light Devices

UV Light products are considered Pesticide devices and fall under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) for federal regulation of pesticide distribution, sale, and use. All pesticide devices are subject to EPA regulations and It is illegal to sell, import or manufacture non-EPA regulated devices in the US. EPA, also, regulates the importation of pesticide devices into the United States to ensure that only compliant products enter into the U.S. marketplace. UV-C light devices cannot be imported in the US unless the factory is EPA registered with an EPA Establishment Number. Recognizing a legal Device by Reading the Label A pesticide device that is EPA regulated will include an EPA Establishment Number on the label.

UV-C light devices emit frequency energy by radiation and are regulated by the FCC. It is illegal to import, produce, sell, or use an UV-C light device unless it has been tested and certified FCC and a Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity has been issued.

Most radiation-emitting products are not considered to be medical devices. However, if a UV-C product makes any medical claim, it is considered a medical device and subject to the provisions of the FD&C Act for medical devices in addition to the provisions for radiation emitting products. These products must be registered with FDA.

The use of Spectrum-UVGI ultraviolet room disinfection robots will result in a distinct odor that has been described as similar to that created by tanning beds or the smell of a furnace when it is started for the first time in the fall. It is very easy to be aware of the unique odor, although it can be more difficult to describe it. Use of the highly germicidal UV-C light (UV irradiation in the “C” band) creates much safer environments for patients and staff by inactivating dangerous pathogens that may be remaining on surfaces after standard room cleaning procedures. Although not the robot’s primary design function, Spectrum-UVGI IPT family of robots will also disinfect the air in the treatment area due to the very high output of UV-C energy. Users who are familiar with UV-C disinfection technology associate the odor as the smell of “clean” as it is clear physical evidence that a robust amount of germicidal UV energy has been applied to the treatment area. If one does not detect this unique odor after a disinfection treatment, please contact your Spectrum-UVGI representative as this may be an indication of poor disinfection performance.

The first symptoms of COVID-19 and influenza (flu) infections are often very similar. They both cause fever and similar respiratory symptoms, which can then range from mild through to severe disease, and sometimes can be fatal. Both viruses are also transmitted in the same way, by coughing or sneezing, or by contact with hands, surfaces or objects contaminated with the virus.

Flattening the Curve

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